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Best Android Apps To Learn Java Language

Nill Webdev
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So, you decided to study Java, even chose a course to take, but here it turns out that you have an extremely busy schedule, and it is very difficult to open a laptop and start learning something. If the situation seems very familiar to you, then the best option for you is to switch to the course, which is presented not only on the desktop, but also in the mobile version.

There are very good platforms on Android that can help you learn Java programming. So, let's talk about these apps.



Programming language: Python, JavaScript, C++, HTML, Java, C#, SQL, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Ruby, Swift.

If you do not have any coding experience, then this course is a perfect choice for you. SoloLearn is designed especially for people with zero coding background. Just like how you edit your pictures through drag and drop of filters, SoloLearn also offers the same kind of coding, you are supposed to drag and drop different snippets of code to solve the assignment.

The practical tasks are very brief and take only a few minutes to solve. There are almost 42,758,088 learners at SoloLearn and the courses have almost 15000+ quizzes. We live in a world where knowledge is just one click away from your smartphones, and the best part of this course is that it teaches you in a fun way.

The user interface is brief and easy to learn with the four main features of SoloLearn:

Learn: Free coding lectures to help you learn

Play: Here you can have a healthy competition by challenging other users to have a battle

Code: An in-built development environment for you to code

Discuss: A discussion forum to get tips from senior developers and resolve your problems.

-The community at SoloLearn is very helpful and encouraging
-No coding background is required for this course
-More than 2000 free lessons

Easily conveys knowledge, does not go into depths
The app does have some functionality issues

Price-SoloLearn app is free



Programming language: Java

CodeGym is one of the most efficient courses for learning Java programming. 80 percent of the course is dedicated to the practice and only 20 percent — to the theory. The main goal of the course is to develop your problem-solving skills in order to prepare you for working on real-life programmer tasks. The course is absolutely suitable for a hectic schedule, it does not require you to give full time.

Moreover, the course gives back the result of every task instantly so it’s easy for you to observe your learning progress. In these confusing times, CodeGym frees you from hectic courses, time bounds, and location limitations, you can learn anytime and anywhere as you have a choice either to learn from the website and mobile application. Completing this course will definitely get you equipped with Java coding.

There are more than 1200 coding tasks available at CodeGym
The course is gamified so it makes the learning process really exciting
Practice tasks are verified immediately and it’s easy to track the progress

You need to connect the keyboard if you intend to code

Price- CodeGym app is for free



Programming language: SQL, Data Science, JavaScript, Python, Blockchain, CSS, HTML, Security, git, CompSci fundamentals, Linux, and Java.

A platform that facilitates both beginners and intermediate level audiences, is worth opting for. If you are eager to master Java, this platform is the best place for you to practice by solving coding challenges.

The experts monitor your performance regularly. Trainers believe that the way to approach a problem is the way to solve it and the time it takes you to solve it. It is the best method to learn to program when you are being supervised. The credibility of the course can be measured based on the fact that its learners work at Google, Netflix, Microsoft, and Amazon.

-You are studying under the supervision
-There are many games and quizzes so you don’t get bored

-The content can be accessed only with the payment of subscription fees
-Low loading speed
-There are performance issues associated with the app

The basic version of Enki is free (very limited content). There is a $9/month subscription fee to access the rest of the course material.


If you have an Android phone, you have access to all the above-mentioned courses. It is indeed a blessing that you no longer need to be stuck to the computer to learn a programming language. The above-mentioned 3 apps can help you learn Java programming on the go. The only thing that is required is your dedication to the studying process. Make a bit of effort and you will get maximum results.

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