Have stickers on your machine? Let's put it on DevLids.com

Antonio Radovcic on May 12, 2018

Update May 30th There is now a twitter-account and an RSS-Feed for DevLids. I'll use the Twitter-account for announcing news and updates... [Read Full]
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This is really cool.

please don't be disappointed if it doesn't take off

Would you be interested in collaborating with us in some way "officially"? I'm not sure exactly what that would mean, but I'm pretty sure we could give it a good boost.


Wow, very cool to read that from you!

Since I have only one contributed lid as of now, I'd like to wait until I have a couple more before I can better shape this in whichever way.

But once it feels a bit more complete, yes sure!

Would it be ok to use the dev.to Logo-SVG from the header as a link-icon for the ones with devto-profiles?


devlids.com/ is live now \o/
So yeah we managed to get 46 lids :D which is more than I expected. Most of them came thanks to dev.to, so thank you for enabling that with this great platform.


Only one sticker on mine. Definitely need more. @benjifs


No no, one is fine. You'll stand out! Thanks for the lid!


Thanks! Coming reeeally soon, I'll keep this page updated.


I might be a little late to the party but here is mine,

Github: newtorob
Twitter: newtroncode

mac top


Great idea. Here is my laptop (missing dev.to stickers though) :



Never mind, the Wesbos-Stickers make up for it.


Here's my personal machine. No stickers on my work laptop, unfortunately.
Name: Brodan
Github: @brodan
Twitter: @brodan_



Sounds cool, can you opensource it so that people can add more features to it. Showing lids and their owners username won't be of much help


No plans for open-source. It's all static. The source won't be obfuscated and all images will be on the page. No plans for features, too. Maybe some sort of tagging-system would make sense. For now it's just about collecting lids. If you have an idea for a feature, I'm happy to hear it.


I'll get the ball rolling. Here's my lid. You can call it "My work lid". All my handles, twitter etc. are nickytonline.


I Love the idea, here's mine !

Twitter: twitter.com/jskycancela
GitHub: github.com/joelcancela



Oops totally forgot to thank you: Thanks!!! It's up!


Should consider making this a PR submission instead of email based. Could totally make this automated via CI/CD with the community.

oss FTW.


I would still have to check and edit all images by hand. So far there wasn't one photo I could use unaltered.

Also I'd have to introduce a real hosting solution, instead of the shared hosting I use now, where I can simply FTP the files, and where Kirby CMS "just works".

Ultimately, shooting me an e-mail or a tweet seems the lowest barrier for submitting. It's magnitudes easier than handling PRs, for me and for contributors.


Shame on that one person with a thumb in their picture...

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