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Nirbhay Parmar
Nirbhay Parmar

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Starting a new challenge: #30daysofJs

Why this challenge?

I started this challenge to get rid of my fear for JavaScript. I usually only watch tutorials and read posts. I just became the content consumer of those posts and YouTube tutorials. I watched loads of videos on JavaScript and feels that i knew JavaScript but in reality, when it comes to coding for practice, started forgetting the syntax and started questioning my self that if i am able to do this or not and after some time again fall into tutorial hell.

Solution to this problem

To get rid of so called "tutorial hell", I decided to start this challenge. This help me to become more accountable towards my goals because i have to post about my progress everyday on twitter and on here. This forces me to write some actual code and learn the syntax that I am always forgetting.

From today onwards i am starting to post my daily progress on my #30daysofJsChallange

— Nirbhay Parmar (@NirbhayNP14) January 7, 2021

Please follow me here and on twitter to help me accountable and to cheer me up.

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