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Why bulma is actually cool?!

Note: This is my first post so please pardon me for my mistakes, if any. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

So how did I meet up with bulma. It's been only two years since I started web designing and only 2-3 months since I learned JavaScript. First language I learned was python, so it was fairly easy to catch up with js. The fascinating thing is it's been less than two weeks since I discovered Bulma and I already fell in love with it. I was having my vacation and I was away from my house and wanted to do something creative with Vue. So in my mobile I installed Spck editor and in fact it is the most wonderful code editor I have seen in mobile version.(I have very little experience doing web dev in mobile, please tell me if there are any better option), so in the app I created a new project and as js framework I chose vue and when it asked for css framework, it was puzzling. The options were bootstrap, bulma, material lite, semantic, etc,. I didn't know any of them so I went to do some research about each of them, so then I chose Bulma here's why 👇👇

1) Minimal and Simple

The framework itself is a css file 📁, and it doesn't require any extra knowledge about the framework. Just link the file like a css file and you are good to go. We can create simple and minimal looking webpages without using any to very little css.

2) Well documented 📝

The documentation of bulma is quite appreciable. Because any beginner can quickly start designing and developing professional looking pages with their instructions. Each of the features and components are categorised

Bulma Documen

3) Component structure 📶

So in Bulma each UI component has a class name with meaning. For example there are classes like button, then we have is-primary, is-secondary, is-large, is-dark and other properties which we can add

4) Newbie friendly 👨‍🏫

Those who are new to front end or just started with html can use any css library and Bulma would be the easiest one to start with. Or it would be great for developers concentrating in the programming part of the app rather than on the ui and just want a clean UI.Screw it there's even loading animations integrated.

5) Progressive

The Bulma CSS library can be constructively learnt and tweaked with the level of expertise. If you are complete noob you can just follow docs and create the ui if you have somewhat knowledge in css, you can put together various helper classes. And if you are a pro in css and sass you can costumize the themes of Bulma. And all of this doesn't mess up with the js. This comes in real handy when you are using vanilla js or just a library or anything

6)Other features

It is mobile first( means it has responsive components and features),flexbox layout and guess what it is inspired by Bootstrap.

So what I am telling is just give it a go. You'll love it.Follow and leave a like if you want more posts like this one.

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Stefan Wuthrich

fully agree. I did my last projects,, and now all with bulma ( and buefy vue components )