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Nishant Shrimali | B2B Content Writer
Nishant Shrimali | B2B Content Writer

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Why I Want To Get Into Coding?

Words like "Coding", "development", "engineering" etc. are something that are always floating around my life.

In addition to that, at my job where I am a B2B SEO content writer in a small marketing team, their are always some ideas that I want to execute but can't due to lack of skills in coding.

That's why I really want to get into coding. More specifically into Web Development.

Current Mindset

I don't want to dramatize my journey, but at the back of my head I want to create tools and platforms that people enjoy using and solve problems.

Currently, I do that through words, by sharing articles, creating content, and even creating WordPress code free sites. But since I have no learning in the field of development, I always feel limited.

I want to code to become limitless.

And yes, that's why I said, I don't want to dramatize it but it's true.

Upcoming month

To be honest, I have chosen a wrong time to get motivated to get into this new learning curve.
For this upcoming month, my days will look like -

  • Go to my current job and be present to full fill my role and help the company grow.
  • Prepare for the my BBA 2nd sem exams cause they are literally starting from 25th March.
  • Work on my side project (build on WordPress, will talk about it some other day)

You see when I write things down here, It's just three points, but it's about giving each one of them my full attention.

But with all this going on, I look forward to get started in Web development and start learning ASAP.


I heard about it literally an hour ago and wanted to share everything that's going on in my mind with people who might be able to guide me.

I'll be sharing monthly updates on my learnings, to keep track of my journey.

I am looking to get started with HTML (and probably CSS) in this month.

Some of the resources that I think I might be using are The Odin Project, W3School, and Freecodecampe.

Youtube and Google will always be my go to place to look for the answers. And I hope, by the end of 30 days from now, I at least have one project that I can share with this online community.

If you have any suggestions, drop them in the comments as it will really help me and motivate me to keeping going.

See you next month

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