npm vs Github Packages

nishantwrp profile image Nishant Mittal ・1 min read

What is the main difference between when I publish using official npm registry service and when I publish using github packages. Which should I go for?


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GitHub packages doesn't support yarn.

Also, if you even need to publish private package, Verdaccio + Docker / Ngrok / Cloud is an option.


Yarn supports alternative package registries. Are you sure this is the case?


I have tried sometime ago, but it is just my experience.

Makes sense. Maybe you ran into an issue but it's definitely supported in Yarn


Sorry, I don't know much about GitHub packages, but it is possible to reference a GitHub repo in the dependencies in package.json. (source)


Ohh I didn't know this. So, my argument of "inability of listing in dependencies" is invalid then. Thanks for sharing, I have learnt a new thing today.

Also I think, we can do npm install with github packages.

Hey I just checked up, it seems that we can give the github repository link to npm install command and install the package. I am considering deleting my reply to the article since it is misleading. Thank you Mahalde and Nishant. I have learnt two new things today.


Unless they change things recently, if you want to publish a public npm package, you cant do this with Github Packages. Just use the npm registry anyway, it is owned by Github and should see some good integrations in the future hopefully.


Microsoft bought github
GitHub bought npm

Atm that's just 2 different package registry you can choose.

I'm betting it will be merged in a close future