Everything You Need To Know About Salesforce Certification

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Being a huge platform, SalesForce is recognized by all developers, admins, consultants, customers across the globe. And this is the reason why it requires to provide different kind of certifications to recognize the skills and expertise. But what many of us don’t know is how Salesforce certification is done appropriately. I am sure you are curious about questions like:

  • In case, if you are a marketing expert or specialist then who has the vision for marketing their product?
  • If you have studied architect then who masterminds high-performance technical frameworks?
  • Are you an administrator? If so, who keeps Salesforce running smoothly with the admin levels?
  • Are you a Developer, who builds new apps to extend capabilities and customize the default features?

So whatever your role is, each and every goal can be easily achieved by simply getting certified. Or else you can even think of getting in touch with a Salesforce development service provider in UK who has the potential to serve nearly every possible niche solutions out there.

salesforce certification

  • Salesforce Administrator- This certification exam, in particular, is intended for an individual who is not a newbie and has gained an adequate amount of experience in running Salesforce smoothly with all the admin levels as a Salesforce Administrator.
  • Salesforce Advanced Administrator- Approaching for this certification in particular means you have an advanced-level expertise in admin levels of Salesforce. In addition to this, you also need to opt for prerequisite certification with Salesforce administrator exam.
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder- This certification is mainly built for those who can build as well as design custom apps using the capabilities of the force.com platform.
  • Platform Developer I- This kind of certification is built for those who have the basic knowledge in building custom declarative and programmatic apps on the Force.com platform with their skills, and experience in Coding. It’s a mixture of coding skills with some of the custom defined automation.
  • Platform Developer II- As the name implies itself, this certification is built for those having advanced knowledge and skills in the programmatic capabilities. For this, you have to prerequisite certification with platform developer I exam. The one stated above.
  • Data Architecture and Management Designer- Do you think you have the ability to design, scalable and high-performing solutions for the architecture environment, of course on the force.com platform? If so you can opt for this certification as it is related to enterprise data management.
  • Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer- This certification, in particular, is built for those who estimate the requirements and develop the architectural environment and then implement the management solutions to meet the requirements.
  • Identity and Access Management Designer- Do you love evaluating the architecture environment and designing, scalable, high-performing solutions that meet the Single Sign-on (SSO) requirements? If so, then this certification is fit for you!
  • Integration Architecture Designer- Built for those who calculate and estimate the environment architecture to design and high-level technical solutions that meet end-to-end integration process.
  • Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer- This certification, in particular, is built for those who have the quality of the architectural environment, design and implement the mobile solutions to meet the requirements.
  • Sharing and Visibility Designer- This certification is built for those who evaluate the architectural environment, requirements and design and technical solutions to meet sharing and visibility requirements.
  • Technical Architect- Having high skills in design secure, knowledge of multiple development platforms and high-performance technical solutions is all that is required to acquire this certification by simply clearing application architect and system architect exam.
  • Community Cloud Consultant- If you have experience in implementing and consulting on the community’s applications then this certification is apt for you. Don’t forget to give the administrator exam.
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant- Built for those who can set up and implement Salesforce marketing cloud email app tools that is meant to provide solutions to a variety of email campaigns. And for this, you also need to apply for prerequisite certification with the marketing cloud email specialist exam.
  • Pardot Consultant- As the name implies, this is built for those who have experience implementing Pardot for customers business requirements.
  • Sales Cloud Consultant- Are you well experienced in implementing Sales Cloud with their roles, successful designs and implementing solutions? If so, get the Sales Cloud Consultant certification right away.
  • Marketing Cloud Social Specialist- This certification is built for those who have experience in implementing their knowledge and skills using the components of Social Studio for post creation, management and analysis of conversations and reporting.


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