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Local Shop Search - Search shop near you

Local Shop Search is used to search a shop near you by a map.
Shop keeper can add a shop and list his product.
End-User can Search Products and can visit his shop to purchase the product.

Live Website:

Website Demo

Overview of My Submission

Tech Stack

  • MongoDB and MongoDB Autocomplete
  • Node JS
  • Express JS
  • React JS
  • Leaflet JS
  • Netlify for frontend and Netlify serverless backend.

How search functionality works

Here i am using MongoDB autocomplete nGram which offer autocomplete search and location index to search query by location.

Aggregate query example

Code Link

MongoDB Autocomplete Query Example

MongoDB Autocomplete index

Code Link

MongoDB Autocomplete Index Example

Submission Category:

E-Commerce Creation

Link to Code

Live Link: Visit Now
Read Me: Visit Now
Local Shop Search Front end: Visit Now
Local Shop Search Back end: Visit Now

Additional Resources / Info

How to deploy

  1. Clone frontend and backend code.
  2. Create an Imagekit account.
  3. Visit to Netlify and deploy the code, add all env variable.

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