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Nitin Sharma
Nitin Sharma

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5 Ways to Earn Money as a Developer

Coding is a very beneficial skill to have. For coders, the online world is like a money-making machine.

I think that probably the Internet is made for coders by coders to make money. And the advantage of becoming a developer is you don’t need a degree with no age limit requires.

And what else you don’t have to spend your crucial time in offices, meetings, traveling and all that tedious stuff. Yes, it means that you can work from home and get paid.

And you can be getting paid if you are a housewife, teen, black, white, even working employee, aged man or woman.

Want more? Get paid when you want to work. Spend your time on beaches and work there as well.

Be your own boss. Also, get paid when you sleep.

Isn’t it cool? It is our dream, and the online world makes it possible.

Nitin, you are exaggerating a little bit? Not at all, my friend, I am writing the truth. And will show you the proof from Google.

Here I am not going to talk about YouTube, Adsense Ads because many of you know it.

Start your journey by Investing in Yourself.

Step 1. Invest In Yourself

Before proceeding to teach others, you must know the skill. It may be Cybersecurity, Web Development, Machine Learning, or even Coding.

Start with something. Try to learn at least for one month and then proceed to earn money.

And yes, you can learn everything for free. For example, here are 80+ free resources for Web Development.

Nitin, where is the proof.

Here it is mine friend.

For Average Web Developers.

According to Glassdoor, Salaries in the US are $68,524/yr.

For Bug Bounty. (Bug Bounty is a simple program to help find bugs and get paid).

According to Google, the right kind of Android bug could net you a massive payday of $1.5 million.

But, Nitin, it will be going to take time and effort.

Yes, my friend, I am just letting you know about some opportunities. You have to follow my steps one by one.

Step 2. Teach Others

Before proceeding further, you have to grasp this formula.

You don’t have to be an expert in your skills — you only require a willingness to work and the ability to increase your knowledge — Nitin Sharma

Now you have invested in yourself. It’s time to help others to learn. It is one of the best ways to earn by helping others.

But how? Through Teaching Others, Content Writing, Creating Videos, Creating Courses.

1. Becoming Tutor at Wyzant

Wyzant is an online platform for tutors. They created a platform for one-to-one learning. It is also accessible, affordable, and more convenient for everyone.

After becoming a tutor, you can choose various subjects — Maths, Science, English, Computer, Spanish, Calculus, Writing and many more.

For applying as a tutor, you should be a US Citizen(It is right now available only in the US), Create a free profile with an hourly rate, and that’s it.

2. Content Writing:

According to Google Trends, Content Writing is exploding.

See the above graph once more. It is from 2004 to the present. And it is worldwide interest.

But how? Only because of readers.

Anyone succeeded? Yes, my friend Medium, NewsBreak, and many more.

Now, How can we?

It is quite simple. Now you have learned a specific skill. You can teach it to the entire world by creating a Blog.

In this Tech era, creating a Blog is simple enough. And you don’t have to pay more than 50$/year for getting started. helps you to create a Blog free of cost. Hostinger will help you buy a free Domain name with Hosting. After that, you import your stories in Medium.

3. Creating Videos:

As I have mentioned above, everyone knows YouTube, so I will not talk more about it. In short, you can write content and create Videos out of it. I know it will take time, but success comes at a price.

4. Creating Courses:

After writing content and making videos, you will be an expert in a specific skill. Now you can teach others in Udemy, Teachable, and similar platforms.

Step 3. Work As A Freelancer

I am an Engineer by profession, but I hate to work 9 to 5 work. That is the concept my internships had taught me. I have applied, got selected, and leave them.

So I left with me and my skills. I share content on Medium.

Based on your experience and skills, you can show your works to the online world.

Your work, content, videos, and courses will boost your career in freelancing.

There are various sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr where you can work.

You can read a great story written by Benek Lisefski. He is running his freelance design for more than 17 years so take notes from him.

Step 4. Work in Startups

Startups help you to change personally and professionally. And help to learn multiple skills and most crucially the trending one.

Startups recruits employees who can work in different sectors, learn quickly, take initiative. Most product-based companies recruit based employees that are specialized in one area.

Let start with Working in Startups.

I have worked with different Startups as an intern, learned Web Development, Flutter, React Native, WordPress.Let start with you.

Now you have experience in working with your specific skill. Do you realize that I haven’t mentioned creating your projects so far? Because when you teach others, write content, upload videos, and courses — all will be added to your projects.

Some benefits of Startups:

  1. You will become multi-talented.

  2. You will get more learning opportunities.

  3. Freedom to work in different sectors.

  4. Freedom to take initiative.

  5. You will be not working as an employee but as a leader.

  6. You can able to get some stakes.

  7. You can get a promotion.

Step 5: Start Your Startups

If you clicked this story and reading, you probably be a developer or want to be a developer.

And to start a Startup, you don’t need capital.

Most tech giants are started from small startups and have grown with their hard work.

So don’t be ashamed if you don’t have capital right now. You are not alone. Most businesses leave their startups due to insufficient capital.

Now recap what we have done so far — invested in ourselves, taught others, work as a freelancer, and in Startups.

Why we have to do all this when we want to start a Startup? To accomplish and learn ins and out.

But how, Nitin?

Investing in yourself will help you to know the trending skills.

Teaching others will help you to explain to others, guide others. When you start a Startup, you probably need to explain concepts to your employees, customers, companies.

Working as a freelancer will help you to interact with clients.

Lastly, working in Startups will help you to learn about hurdles. And how to solve them.


You can earn in several ways, but lifelong achievement can only be accessible with Startups.

So let start.

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