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Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D
Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D

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Write/Speak/Code - #30Days Of Blogging!

This is the first post in a multi-part series about the Write/Speak/Code conference, what I learnt from attending it in 2019, and why I think it's important for us to support these events.

I am writing this, sitting in my hotel room at 5AM, giddy at being here in San Francisco for my first Write/Speak/Code conference.

We've only got through Day 1 ("Write") and my brain is already wired and inspired. The experience is transformational and I genuinely hope that me sharing my journey to not just attend, but speak at, my first WSC conference will inspire you to follow suit. I can guarantee you won't regret it.

About Write/Speak/Code

Write/Speak/Code has a clear mission to promote the visibility and leadership of technologists with marginalized genders through peer-led professional development.

And here's the amazing part - while the organization is a non-profit, the conference itself is completely organized and run by volunteers. And this year has been their biggest event yet!

Just think about the level of effort this takes to pull off. And next time you see one of the team, just say thank you. Not only do they have a clear code of conduct, but they make it a point to reinforce this on every day of their 3-day event with a welcome presentation that identifies the various facets of what that means in practice

A First-Time Attendee!

Did I mention this was my first-time attending the conference in person? Truth be told, this has been an event on my bucket list for ages - and I hope to write a bit about my journey to this moment in another post. So when I walked into the Palace of Fine Arts yesterday, I had to stop for a minute and take it all in.

It's only been 24 hours since that moment but there is already a lot to learn and digest. I've been sketch noting talks which is good because they are not being recorded this year, and this way I will have something to recall moments of inspiration. I've been sharing a few on Twitter @nitya if useful.

The live tweeting is also amazing. Follow the #WSC2019Conf hashtag for real-time coverage. And shout-out to Denise Yu (@deniseyu21), Heidi Waterhouse (@wiredferret) and Liz Fong-Jones (@lizthegrey) for their awesome live-tweets!

My #30Days Challenge

Day 1 (yesterday) focused on "Write", today will focus on "Speak" and Sunday will cover "Code". There is also a new "Growth" track that covers other topics like self-care - which, coincidentally, is the focus of my talk on Sunday! More on that later.

On "Write" day, beginners were encouraged to join the "Curriculum" track that covered an entire day of workshop content to help you jumpstart your writing journey. From crafting a professional bio, to writing blog posts, to learning about other venues for creative writing including books and documentation.

I've always wanted to do more writing, and improve my storytelling skills. So less than 24 hours ago, I decided I would do a #30Days challenge.

The way I see it - I'm at a 3-day conference with inspiring speakers and no dearth of content. And I have a fairly busy travel schedule coming up with more places to meet amazing people and learn about technology, community and career development.

So let's do this. In the upcoming days, I hope to publish one blog post a day. And I'll start by covering all the amazing things I've experienced and learnt at Write/Speak/Code 2019.

I hope you'll join me. ❤️

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