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Agrippa v1.1.0 introduces base directories and post commands

About a month ago, the first production version of Agrippa was published, and I announced it in my first post on, Meet Agrippa, the React CLI for component generation. I was honored at the amount of positive feedback for the project (thank you all!!), and had immediately started working on improving the tool further.


A few days ago, v1.1.0 of Agrippa was officially released! 🎉

The new version introduces two important new features for the React CLI:

  • Base component directory: projects can now specify a base directory, under which all components be generated! this makes Agrippa much more convenient to use in real projects, and can prevent developers from accidentally generating components in the wrong places. Read more about the base directory in the wiki page, using baseDir and dest.
  • Post command: users can now also specify a command to be run after generating a component, with the ability to inject into it dynamic paths (e.g. the component's path). For example, users use the post command to open new components in their favorite IDE automatically after generating them! For common recipes and more info, refer to the Post Command cookbook 🍲.

v1.1.0 also improves logging of info, debug information (with --debug) and errors.
Additionally, dependency versions were bumped (though this should have no impact on usage).

To update, call npm i -g agrippa (or, to use the new version directly, call npx agrippa [...]).

Also, we have a wiki now!

What's next?

Agrippa is still growing; I have some ideas in mind about how to improve Agrippa further, including more options and features, more standardized testing, more docs, etc.

That being said, Agrippa is meant to be useful to many React developers in many environments, including you! therefore, if you use Agrippa, and have found a bug or want to suggest an improvement, please open up an issue on GitHub!

One of the features currently in the works is support for styled-components. I, personally, am not too familiar with styled-components, so if you're using it, any suggestion or input about what can be useful for you is most appreciated! to join the discussion, see Add support for styled components on GitHub.

Also, we're considering opening a Twitter account for Agrippa, so be on the lookup for that!

Finally, if you like Agrippa, please spread around its word!

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