The Emotional State of a Developer, a Question

njericooper profile image Njeri Cooper Updated on ・1 min read

What’s the first thing you think and feel when you’re debugging or building something new and realize that the solution is not searchable. It may take an hour to even figure out what the underlying issue is, let alone fix it. Me? I typically get overwhelmed by the 40 tabs of Stack Overflow I have open.


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If you have 40 tabs open, close them all and start from the very bottom. Start outputting the value of your variables, make sure the correct data is being passed around. This will also help you determine where the issue lies.


Sometimes I use pen and paper to visualize data flow.


First thought: Check the MDN. Second THought: Check Stack Overflow. Third thought: check the source. But I'm always in hunter mode.


I make text notes. I take screenshots even of output logs and draw over them to relate it to the notes. I re read the notes and fill in gaps as I keep debugging.


I usually do end up with a few windows for different parts of the problem.