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What Are The Best A11y Resources/Tips?

What are some of the best tips for making sites accessible and A11y compliant? Do you only use semantics? Aria roles; do you toggle them on/off in Javascript, visible/ hidden in CSS? Is there an end-all-be all resource for web accessibility?

Personally, I use these tools when checking the accessibility compliance of the web apps I build:

Accessible color palette builder

This elm based prototype helps designers build color palettes that conform to accessibility standards. Check out the project's website here.

this tool shows a matrix of foreground and background colors

Accessibility Archives From My Favorite Dev Sources:

- CSS Tricks


- (Some people won't agree, but) W3

- Talking to Other Devs

Specifically ones that work on web accessibility at work everyday. Shout out to VWC and all the troops that help me be a better developer everyday.

Drop links and personal experiences below.

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Rather than dry learning, maybe using static tooling + browser testing are great ways to find issues and then learn about why its an issue and whats the possible fix.

  • I would say one of the best ways, I have learned is from eslint
  • Using chrome lighthouse extension
  • Using axe chrome plugin for finding accessibility issues
  • Manual testing like using keyboard and voice over also helps.

Once you know the issue, there are tons of good resources to learn about them. Many times I have seen folks don't even know that there is an issue in the first place.