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Automatic like when you comment on an article


Has anyone noticed that when you add a comment to an article, it has a like immediately? I am wondering if this was intentionally and would like to know how this helps the user experience if it was.

I wanted to report it as a bug but I can't decide which category it falls under.

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Thor Galle

Yep. This happens. I Googled it to find out why and came here :)

See this other post: it's probably a cryptic way from the creators to promote self-love 😄 Fun, but I'd have appreciated an explainer of that in a hover over the like button or something:

We liked this comment for you, because we hope you like your own comments"

This is a bit confusing. Everywhere else it's bad practice to like your own stuff.

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Nald • Edited

agree it's annoys me, you can see this my comment, already have 1 like from me immediately and i don't know the purpose of this too