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New Side Project, New Blog Series

I am currently in between projects at work, and I decided a good way to spend my time would be to spin up a side project. For nearly a year I have been compiling a dataset of my favorite GPS coordinates along with other attributes of the location, knowing that at some point, when I had the time, I could use it as a jumping off point for a project. There are some aspects of my recent work project I wanted to dig further into, as well as some things that didn't exist at all and I want to see what it would take to implement. The end goal of this project is more a sandbox to experiment with than a polished app. But, if at some point I get something that is worth sharing with the world, that would be great as well.

As with my other blog series This Week I Learned, I know that I learn a lot when I write about my process, so writing my way through this side project was an easy decision. In addition to expanding my knowledge, I hope that writing about my process can help someone else's process be a little bit smoother.

This side project and the articles that accompany it are all about learning, as such, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on how I might improve on the code I implement.

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