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How you guys creating/updating your CV's for different Jobs?

How you guys creating/updating your CV's for different Jobs?

And Which software/tool you use for making this process fast?

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Kai Oswald

I recently used jsonresume and was quite happy with it. You can enter your data in json and then choose from existing templates or create your own :)

Although it lacks quite a few customization features.

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Dave MG • Edited

Funny you mention that; over the weekend I had the insane idea of implementing my CV as a Flask API that returns JSON because I was bored and thought it'd be a funny weekend project "Resume as a Service"; wouldn't submit it as a resume but I have thought about tossing it at a hiring manager if during an interview they asked for code samples.

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Hi there, I haven't use that much of softwares for that purpose but one I kept using for a long time since I discovered it some years ago is which suits my needs as I had to make two CV in the past. If you do not want to go in a whole development of your CV I highly recommend it. It is a paid service but really worth the money.

Now I just keep a GitHub private repository with all my CVs that I made in HTML, CSS (MaterializeCSS) & JavaScript (Elm). It is just easier for me to update it since I do web development as a daily basis.

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Joseph Thomas

I use for this (and for dozens of other things). When I'm sending out a new version, I'll just make a copy and tailor it a little bit. That leaves me with an archive that I can look through later when a similar job comes up.

I see a few comments here mention using web dev tools to create PDF/HTML documents. Personally, I like using Notion because I don't need to worry about other things like how to structure a JSON file, or the best way to deploy a different version for a different job. It's simple, and it looks good. Employers are only going to spend a couple minutes looking at it anyway - if they want to get a sense of my programming skills, they can look at my github profile or projects I have linked to.

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Ahmad Awais ⚡️

I have a git repo setup with branches for each application I send so I can see the versions :)

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I use Easy PDF export and customization. Super userfriendly and it's free.

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Avinash Chikkadlur Ravi Shankar

Latex + git & bitbucket works for me! I create release branches for each job application and track my application status with tickets on my Trello board.

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