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Does anybody know how many USB devices I can connect on my Macbook Pro 2018?

hey there, I've been trying to find some specification on how many USB devices I can have connected to my MacBook Pro 13" 2018. It comes with 3 thunderbolts/USB-c ports, but with USB hubs it can be expanded.

My question is, how many devices can I have connected at the same time? I can't seem to find any information about that online...

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Keff Author

I asked on Reddit and this was one of the answer:

IIRC, USB allows for up to 127 devices, including hubs in that total, per host controller. Not sure if this is still the case for USB-C?
While getting a degree 20-odd years ago, I worked retail, and for some reason that 127 number always stuck... ;)
Also, some internal stuff is already using the USB bus, like the camera. You can check those in 'Apple menu'--> about this Mac --> system report
EDIT: the Apple T1 chip is also on the USB bus on my 2016 MacBook Pro, from system report. Now I know ;)