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Word count using jQuery

This post is aimed at creating a jQuery word count function. The code below can be used to limit the total number of words in a textbox (e.g Abstract for research thesis report) using jQuery.

function WordCount() { //Get Text data var inp = document.getElementById('txtabstract').value; var regex = /\s+/gi; var wordcount = jQuery.trim(inp).replace(regex, ' ').split(' ').length; $("#labelcount").html(wordcount); } $(document).ready(function(){ //count word on page load WordCount(); //count word on entering text in TextBox $("#txtabstract").on('input',function(){ WordCount(); }) })

This code is used to let a user know when the abstract for his project report has exceeded 300 words (which is the standard for an abstract) at Classgist

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Kushan Joshi

Hey Okafor, Great read!
I just had few humble suggestions to make this article or any future article even more awesome !

  • if you could the move the hard coded values like txtabstract or labelcount to WordCount parameters, it would make it a lot more reusable and a person like me could simply copy paste and pass the right argument.
  • since it is a browser code and runkit is failing to run it, a new comer reading this article might be confused. I think it would be great to simply use markdown code snippet for it.

  • I would love to read another article which does the same thing with pure vanilla Javascript <3

nonny123 profile image

Ok. Thanks. Will put these into consideration when creating my next post.

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