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Bruno Noriller
Bruno Noriller

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How I developed my resilience with code

New year, new goals. How are you doing on that front?

There’s something I’ve realized recently, that being a developer helped with my resilience.

Small mistakes happen, and I just don’t care about them anymore.

I had to go to a doctor, they had fetched me from the reception, I entered and gone straight to their desk.


I had scheduled a call with someone... but forgot about time zones.


I had to send an email before a date... and forgot.


Most mistakes are small and easy to correct, and more than that... they just don’t matter that much.

As a developer, when I don’t see a mistake, an Error, popping up... then that’s when I get really concerned I’m doing something wrong.

Not that expect things to wrong all the time, but I certainly prepare for that.

But trying to sit in the wrong place?

Hey, that’s my seat!

Arriving late to the call?

Hey... you’re coming?

Forgetting to send the email?

So... I need that email...

And when the error does pop... it’s easy enough to correct.

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