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How can you KNOW You Are Coding JavaScript the "right" way?

Hello again. So, I'm just starting out with JavaScript, which is my first programming language (really the only thing I know very well is HTML & CSS and we all know that doesn't take any logic and is NOT a programming language), and so here's my concern...

If I start writing code and somehow code things that don't match up with standards... and I have no one to review to make sure it is "modern" and "the right way of coding JavaScript" how will I ever learn? So that leads me to another question that I have for you guys.

Is there some site or some place that I can send my code off for an "expert" reviewer? Somewhere that I can get feedback on what I could do better, what I did WRONG? I'm fairly new at this and if you have any information that would be helpful, please let me know. Thank you!


I honestly just want to make sure that I code the "right" way and to do that I need to know what I am doing "wrong."

I'm working on a progressive web app and I don't know anyone who is an expert at JavaScript, so it's not like I can have someone check it. That's why I'm reaching out on here since y'all seem to very knowledgeable.

Alright. That's it.


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Basti Ortiz

This is a very difficult question to answer. Honestly, if time is not an issue, I'd recommend that you write JavaScript the way you would write it yourself first. Your coding style will develop from there. Later on, you will pick up a few tricks here and there that will help you improve your coding style.

Also, it's okay to be "wrong". Don't feel pressured to do everything "right" every time. You can learn so much more from being "wrong".

When I was in your place, I learned how to write """modern""" JavaScript by watching other people write JavaScript in YouTube. Fun Fun Function and the sister channel DevTips are great channels to learn from. You can observe how the hosts approach and interpret a certain problem in a JavaScript mindset. When I encounter an unfamiliar idea that they used in the video, I simply hit pause and race for the documentation about it, primarily the MDN Web Docs.

As for code reviews, perhaps you can post a few code snippets of yours in a post here on with the #help and #javascript tag. Just provide some context on what you want to achieve so we can know what might be the "best way" to approach your code snippet.

If you're looking for a personal mentor so you won't have to create a new post every time, I heard has a personal mentorship program here.

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Thank you so much for all this info. I guess, I really need to UNDERSTAND JavaScript and be able to program with it before I focus on it being the "right" way. And I am only going to learn from mistakes, so.

I really like the dev site here. Everyone is so welcoming and doesn't ever seem to talk down to you, so I will be posting code in the future to other more experienced programmers to hopefully gain some insight.

MDN Web Docs looks like the safe haven for JavaScript.

Anywho, thank you again for your comment! :)