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Our open-source project got funded!

Hi Community, We have exciting news to share!

@combarnea and I open-sourced the Novu project (check our GitHub Page) because we both felt the pain of building a notification infrastructure from scratch. I have written about the inception of the idea and you can read it here: Building the first open-source notification infrastructure.

Thanks to the incredible interest of this fantastic community, our Github project became trending and grew from 200 stars to 2.2K stars, and today has more than 3,500 stars.
We can’t thank the community enough.

What is Novu?

Novu is the first open-source notifications infrastructure for developers.
It solves developers the pain of building from scratch and maintaining their notification systems.
That can be an in-app notification center (like you might know from platforms like Facebook) to transactional messages sent over multiple delivery channels.
Our goal is to solve a large number of use-cases from digest engine, to advanced workflows management including user preferences, timezone awareness, and more.

And the best part is - We are building this with the incredible help and involvement of the open-source community. Together.

Lately, we have raised a $6.6m round. This means we can go and build this project full-time. A dream comes true. It will also enable us to grow it and become the de-facto solution for developers when thinking about notifications and product-based communication.

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With our new funding, Novu recruited many of our contributors to work full-time on Novu and is now working on creating the best OSS notification infrastructure.

So what happened since the funding?

  • We have released our admin control panel for managing notifications (npx novu init) yay!.
  • We have created a new website, updated with all the new features.
  • We started to work closely with contributors and fund projects.
  • We have sponsored events.
  • Released our multi-environment support
  • Released our In-app notification center as an Iframe or as a React component
  • Released more providers and providers dashboard
  • Added New team collaboration and invites
  • Released a new monitor and observability page
  • Created an awesome registration flow using a CLI :)
  • All in open source!!!

The future?

  • Support every possible notification channel: Direct, Push and others.
  • Create an intelligent workflow for automating your notifications channels.
  • Add digest capabilities to make end-user life so much easier
  • Have a new user preference control within our in-app and as a system
  • Many more to come
  • Still all in open source!! :)

If you haven’t checked Novu yet, feel free to go to our Github page

Happy if you can write to me about what you lack in Novu so I can add it to our ideas list.
Thank you. We couldn’t do it without you!

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vikirobles profile image
Vicky Vasilopoulou

amazing work guys!! well done!!! beautiful product for us to use as well!!!

yashtiwari1k profile image
Yash Tiwari


lico profile image
SeongKuk Han


brianburton profile image
Brian Burton

That's a really cool idea, congrats!

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ooling profile image
Sam oo Líng

That's incredibly amazing! Congrats! 👍

dinkopehar profile image
Dinko Pehar

Congratulations on your success ! May I ask how long did you worked on project before it was funded ? And for all others who want to fund their projects, what are the possibilities ?

scopsy profile image
Dima Grossman • Edited

In overall almost more than 2 years since the inception of the internal project :) I think the market of OSS projects is growing pretty fast right now, you can see a lot of great example suchs as appwrite, supabase, flagsmith, amplication and many many great others. We are doing a live stream on this subject around next week, and I might write a detailed blog post on this aswell in the near time. I will let you know once it's out there, and feel free to reach out on Discord or DM, would love to jump on a call if I could help in anyway.

dinkopehar profile image
Dinko Pehar

Thank you. I'll keep this in backlog and check if blog post comes out. I worked on lot of projects but I never thought about ways of funding my project. I simply don't know about financing .

mikgross profile image

Many congrats on this amazing achievement! Might use this in our projects ❤️

scopsy profile image
Dima Grossman

Thank you Mikael, let me know if you need any help <3

slashtechno profile image

That's amazing. Congratulations!

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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rajeshroyal profile image
Rajesh Royal

Congratulations @scopsy

mgmgpyaesonewin profile image
Pyae Sone Win

Congratulations! +1 Github star for your open-source project 🚀

eddsaura profile image
Jose E Saura

I love it, I am really interested in what is your work framework, I mean, do you do kanban for example? How do you detect the rythm and flow and how do you improve it?

We are currently building and Open Source project too and I feel like we could improve our flow... Idk. Thanks for sharing with the community <3

scopsy profile image
Dima Grossman

Hi :)

We are working with a synced to GitHub issues using a zapier integration, we really love the linear method of building (check it out here:

eddsaura profile image
Jose E Saura

Oh yes, I know them, I love the app, the method and also raycast.
I don't know why but I already suspected it! That's amazing.

pirxdanford profile image
Clemens Scholz

This looks amazing - hope it will be easy to use in CI/CD pipelines as well.

@scopsy for the direct messaging a Matrix integration would be awesome.

empe profile image
Emil Pearce

The best project over GitHub with amazing community!