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What's New in Novu 0.13.0?

TL;DR: All you need to know about the latest Novu 0.13.0 release. Better onboarding experience, Digest Workflow Playground, Seen/Read Step Filter, SMS provider integration and more!

0.13.0 Release Updates

We have shipped exciting new updates for new & existing customers. Let's explore!

New Onboarding Page

We shipped a better onboarding experience to make it easier for users to set up multichannel notifications.

Sign up and set up your app notifications system with ease.

We'll keep iterating on our onboarding to ensure we provide a best-in-class onboarding experience for new users.

Digest Workflow Playground

We built a new digest playground that allows anyone to test, and play around with the digest feature.

The digest engine collects multiple trigger events, aggregates them into a single message and delivers it to the subscriber.
Digest Playground

New Seen/Read Step Filter

We've added a new seen/read filter. This filter gives the flexibility of executing successive notifications based on previous notifications. It currently works for in-app and email notifications.

Typical Use Case:

You have a set of customers that you need to send a 2-step email to them. However, they should only get the second email if they have read the first email.

With the new seen/read filter, you can do the following in a notification workflow:

  • Set the first email step.
  • Set a delay.
  • Set the second email step.
  • Create a filter on the second email step that indicates if the previous step needs to be seen/read before it should be executed.

Setting up Read Filter

Note: For this to work with emails, the webhook url needs to be set up for the active email provider you're using on Novu. It's very essential for the filter to work.


Create Topics On The Fly when adding Subscribers

Till now, you could not add subscribers to a non-existent topic. You will be met with an error!

We have now reduced friction for users by allowing them to create topics and add subscribers on the fly in one step. The system checks if the topic does not exist, and proceeds to create the topic implicitly.

Kannel SMS Provider Integration

Now, you can use the Kannel SMS provider on Novu.


46elks SMS Provider Integration

Now, you can use the 46elks SMS provider on Novu.


Mattermost SMS Provider Integration

Mattermost is an open-source Slack alternative. One integrated platform for all of your team messaging, collaborative workflows and project management needs. Now, you can use the Mattermost provider on Novu.


Changes & Bug Fixes:

All Changes

The full changelog can be found on GitHub.


Sign up on Novu, try it out & let me know what you think about the new changes in the comments section.

If you're looking to contribute to OSS and make an impact, I believe it is a great place to start & build out amazing things.

Oh, don't forget to star the repo as well.🤩 See you in the next release! 🚀

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Nevo David

Been waiting for it 🤩

sumitsaurabh927 profile image
Sumit Saurabh

I love the ability to create topics on the fly.

An feature-packed release this is!