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Nitesh Sawant
Nitesh Sawant

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A python script that shows the distribution of IT companies in Goa India.

IT companies in Goa

Recently I was learning web scraping using BeautifulSoup library in python.After learning the basics concepts of web scraping, I wanted to use to use it to write some real-world program.

While browsing the internet I came across website which have a list of startups in Goa, India [FYI I am from GOA].

So I decided to write a python script that will

  • Scrap this list of companies in Goa.
  • Get location (latitude & Longitude) of these using Geocoder(I used Google geocoder API).
  • Plot those points on the map using a python package Folium

After lots of googling & searching for answers on StackOverflow below is the end result.

Demo :

Github Repo

Please do provide feedback & let me know in comments if I can improve this script.

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diogobcondeco profile image
Diogo Condêço

That is really amazing :D
I'm also starting python, maybe I'll try something like that.
Keep with the good work.

ns23 profile image
Nitesh Sawant

Thank you ☺️