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NS illustration pack

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Hi, I recently wrote here, then I thought that my pack of illustrations would be a little more, but I realized that I was a bit burnt out and I want to get distracted from 3D for a while, so I decided to put my pack of illustrations in such a not so ready-made form, it includes about 20 illustrations.
This is a pack of isometric low poly illustrations created in a blender, it is distributed under the MIT license and I hope it will be useful to someone, some of the illustrations were created specifically for the pack and some are my old works that I decided to put =)

Link to the pack:

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Bright and colorful, nice. Were you planning to use them for anything like a game or animation?

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I'm actually not a developer, but an illustrator in the style of 3D lowpoly, I need an account on to ask web desi