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Don't be an asshole.

You can be a great developer and also be an asshole...

Don't be an asshole. Here are 3 reasons why soft skills are so important.

Your team will consist of designers, product managers, and your hot #React skills will not get you far with people who do not relate to your skills as a developer or understand the value these skills brings.

Show your communication skills, team building, people will notice you and care about your contributions.

Tech skills change and are replaceable. If you want to have a career in tech you need to bring more to the table! Are you supportive? Optimistic? Overall good person to be around and work with? These skills will serve you wherever you go and helps when it comes time for reviews.

You’ll become a problem solver. Software engineers are problem solvers. Don't focus on just hard skills, consider adding more empathy to your work. Start developing with the customer in mind. Soft skills will help you connect with human needs and make you more well rounded.

Empathy will get you far as an employee and as a potential leader.

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