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What is expected from a Junior developer?

Are you interviewing for web developer jobs and asking yourself, "What is expected from a junior developer?"

Here's what happened in my first month as a Bootcamp graduate.

No one expected me to code right away. Contrary to what you might think the company is not looking for you to contribute on your first day. Most companies will have an onboarding process so be sure to ask about it in your interview.

My first tickets was not me building a highly visible feature. When I first started I mostly worked on documentation, setting up new projects, and bug tickets. The importance here is to use this time to be a sponge. There is no pressure on you and your team is there to help.

I thought I was moving slowly when comparing myself to senior devs. It's easy to be discouraged when you are working with people who have been doing this for years. You want to show them you belong, I get it, trust me! Keep in mind you are new and in time you will get there.

Here are some developer workflow hacks I used to increase my speed and productivity

  • VSCode Extensions @code
  • Customized my terminal with Zsh and aliases @ohmyzsh
  • Bash scripts

In short, regardless of the role, no one is expecting you to turn water into wine on your first day. So don't forget while you are interviewing ask clarifying questions about onboarding, mentorship, and what the expectation will be for you as a junior engineer. You got this!

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