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Ntwari Egide
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Week 2 in Task force at awesomity and Code of Africa

Tough, puissant, influential, dominant, long, energizing week, that is all I can say on this second week in Task force 3.0 at Awesomity and code of Africa.

How?, on Monday we had a course with Yannick CTO @awesomity of git workflow, which was different from my poor practices. I learned many things to improve. In the afternoon we learned more about virtual meeting etiquette which was about how to prepare yourself before, in, after meeting.

Wait … no game ? Yeah, we had a game of lifting a stick with one finger which was tough at first, but easy after knowing the method to use.

Ok, continue, We had a soft skills session with Axel about CoA values. I learned that before joining a company it is better to understand their values because you should know how the company lives day by day. We also learned intercultural communication with Anja which made me realise that I know the audience before using gestures and how cultures can affect someone in the workspace.

No coding? Oooh, we did some tough but easy codewars, with Yannick we learned about containerizing, dockerization, documentation which was good to know because When I was a scrum master of 30 people at school it was hard to manage them, but today it can be easy because of what I learned with Yannick.

In conclusion, This week was tough because we had to deliver a presentation on Friday, I had many things to say which made me not realize about time, I used 14min...Ooh instead of 4 min. Anyway I wish to become best in both soft and coding skills at the end of this 6 weeks program.

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