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Ntwari Egide
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API Integration and Agile Business simulation game in Task force

Today, we are closing week 5 in the task force, this week was very different to all other 4 weeks we've covered.

This week started with improving the ShowApp project. We wanted to add functionality of cropping image upload which was tough but educational. In the afternoon APIs for the LOT dashboard were ready, so we started integrating APIs.

It was tough because APIs were not working well, so it took us time to know how we could integrate. It was also educational because of learning new things like Google Auths with Firebase.

google auth

In soft skills, this week we did Agile simulation game which was fun bug educative.
I wanted to try new things because I used to be a scrum master, so I wanted to try being a Software Consultant from RISA.
Being a software consultant was very difficult because It was tough to convince the Team to make sure that they followed the rules from RISA.
I learned to talk to teams, making them understand what I want, making sure that they have the best DONE deliverable at the end of the sprint.

software consultant

I also enjoyed working with the best team: scrum master, scrum team. I also noticed how it is not easy to be scrum master because in the sprint retrospective you have to be ready for questions.

scrum master meme

This week, we also implemented a game in the codewars session. It was important because It made me understand how important it is to understand every detail of a problem to solve.

On Friday we had a brainstorming session, our team also discussed Problem breakdown and we came up with the solution to help in the process of vaccination for children in Rwanda.

In conclusion, this week was tough but educational because we tried new things.
See you next week :)

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