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Ntwari Egide
Ntwari Egide

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Complex UI implementations and Soft skills Takeaways in week 4

Today is the end of week 4 of task force 3.0 at Awesomity Lab and Code Of Africa, this week was very energetic and fantastic.

We started the week with Lionel, reviewing our work on LOT dashboard implementation. I enjoyed talking to other group members, discussing challenges and how to fix them.
On the next day, we continued with complex UI implementations. We had to build the Show App Application which was not difficult because we already knew how to fix bugs that appeared because we did a LOT dashboard implementation.

We had a session with Mutombo who was reviewing our codes, we learnt about Good practices in UI implementations.
In soft skills, we learnt about User persona in Design thinking with Olaf, User Persona is a detailed real or hypothetical description of a typical end-user of the product the team is developing. Personas usually take the form of a written document with a photo, name, profession, style of living, and other important details.

We created this persona

We also studied about Client communication in Agile World, we learned basics on Agile Methodology and its frameworks including Scrum and Kanban, the session was very interesting.

communication over documentation

We also studied Time Management with Braise. Even though I missed the session, it was very interesting. I read documents shared so I learned a lot.

In soft skills, everything was not hard because I did scrum master certificate, All soft skills sessions were about brainstorming.

This week was interesting, it prepared us to be ready for agile teams and companies. I am expecting to be in the Top most front end developers in Agile World at the end of this taskforce.
See you next week :)

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