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COVID-19 API - New version available

Hi there!

Just a short text to let you all know that in Nubentos we have just launched the new version of our successful COVID-19 tracking API (nCov-2019 API), which is over 1M requests in just a couple of months.

Version 2.0.0 comes with new resources and indicators, and allows you to filter by country or continent.

In a nutshell this is what you will find in the new nCov-2019 API v2.0.0 by Nubentos:

GET /cases - Total of active cases.
GET /todayCases - Today cases.
GET /active - Active cases
GET /deaths - Total of persons death.
GET /todayDeaths - Today deaths.
GET /recovered - Recovered cases
GET /critical - Critical cases
GET /casesPerOneMillion - Cases per Million
GET /deathsPerOneMillion - Deaths per Million
GET /totalTests - Test Totals
GET /testsPerOneMillion - Test Per Million

As you can see, there's a lot of things that you can do now, that were not possible with the previous version.

Get ready for this new stage of the pandemic, where new outbreaks will need a close watch to keep them under control, and people will be willing to be informed.

In case you haven't signed up in Nubentos yet, do it now and stay tuned as we will keep our users properly informed for the deprecation of v1.0.0.

Access the API here, where you will find anything you need to test the API and easily integrate it in your digital products.

Spread the word!

Happy integration!

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