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Sendgrid API + NodeJS project template

Projects quickly reach a point where it is necessary to send emails, maybe a contact form or a password reset feature.

It is possible to use the Sendgrid Mail API v3 directly on a website but it is entirely not recommended since it means exposing the Sengrid API key.

A project template

The sendgrid-nodejs-endpoint project is meant to be used as a template - it provides the following features out-of-the-box:

  • configurable allowed origins
  • configurable allowed recipients
  • Basic or Digest authentication

Configured by specifying environment variables when deployed (or a .env file) and a passfile with authentication data if necessary.



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REST Endpoints

"/" root endpoint

GET endpoint responds with "Hello World!" message:

> GET /
< 200 OK
  "message": "Hello World!"
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"/mail" endpoint

POST endpoint receives body with JSON object and uses the same object API as Sendgrid NodeJS API.

> POST /mail
    "to": "",
    "subject": "test sendgrid client",
    "text": "test sendgrid client",
    "html": "test sendgrid client"

< 200 OK
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