I Need Your Killer Ideas

nyamador profile image Desmond ・1 min read

Hello Guys I want to build something and I need your help to figure it out.
Should it be a developer tool or something for everyone..
Kindly let me know in the comments section if you have an idea


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Build a tinder for cats :)
See ya


Wait is that a reference to Colt Steele's Web Developer Bootcamp?


I am going through the same problem right now! Unfortunately, I haven't come to a finite conclusion but I'm making some headway and thought I'd share.

I made a list of all the new tooling/libraries/patterns I want to use/learn/play with. Then a list of fun API's to play with (I like data vis).

I finally settled on one idea and I'm playing with it now (a fun visual way to explain state in react using redux, context API, and hooks). But who knows, it may change in the next few hours/days.

Good luck!


Good luck Blair


I asked this question many times on Twitter. I found that the only website on which I could work was my personal website, and so I did. I implemented the dark mode functionality on it, and I plan to experiment with many other ideas: service workers, APIs, Web components, etc. I hope you find an interesting idea to work on. If you don’t find it, think to experiment with your personal website.


Thanks Franco this is really inspiring


I finally decided to build a social platform for the developer community..