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Communities or servers for remote jobs/gigs

I have my 3 months contract ending by this month and I'm really worried to get a new job because I have had 60+ odd interviews before this from January '17 to October '17 which made me really quit the IT jobs thing and maybe don't know what to do with my life. Finally I landed at this place in October with React+redux dev job and currently there I'm working on Node+Express+Next+React+Redux Fullstack. But it is ending by this month and I'm afraid to go on that interview spree again.

I read this article/post but it seem to mentioning the main slack communities or discord channels part.

Can someone please share the list of Slack communities or discord servers to help me and others get remote jobs specifically with Javascript stack and/or remote gigs. that would be really beneficial.

The first one I can share is Reactiflux community which is officially mentioned in React Docs as well. So yeah keep sharing to help out. Also somewhere down the line I feel that for Indian developers the bar is way too high for interviews then other western countries and to get a job. May be simply because of sheer amount of volume here.

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Stefan Wuthrich

Check this for Remote Full-Stack Developer Jobs: