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Remote air conditioner controller

What's this

Home IoT Kit Example

Control an air conditioner from your smartphone with obniz!

Put obniz + IR + temp sensor to your home. You can control it from your browser.


  • obniz * 1
  • power supply for an obniz.
  • IR module (of Home IoT Kit)
  • LM35DZ (of Home IoT Kit) ## Steps Connect like below. And put it on your home

Write a program regarding this example.
Change obniz id in the example.

By Pressing "Save&Open", You can see a temperature.

Record a your air conditioner signal for ON/OFF.

The example contains comment outed code for IR receiver.
Remove the comment out and record your air conditioner's ON/OFF signal. Your signal will be showed in log.

Put it recorded data array into your program.

Use it !

Just open the HTML, You can control your air conditioner from everywhere in the world!


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michalmax • Edited

Can I use it for every type of Air conditioner? I am working with a company who is providing air conditioning repairs services in Australia. Actually I have been looking for this type of device for a long time. I have to check different type of Air Conditioners on daily basis and It is not easy for me to carry remotes with me. So please just guide me one thing can I use it for every type of Air conditioner?

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A remote air conditioner controller can provide homeowners with the convenience and flexibility of controlling their air conditioning system from a distance. These controllers are available in a range of options, from simple handheld remotes to more advanced smart home devices that can be controlled through an app or voice commands. When installing a remote air conditioner controller, it is important to ensure compatibility with the specific make and model of the air conditioning system. Additionally, it can be helpful to seek the guidance of MrCool tech support when setting up the controller to ensure proper installation and functionality. With the use of a remote air conditioner controller, homeowners can easily adjust the temperature of their home to their desired level, making for a more comfortable living space.

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Sounds really interesting. As far as I know, using such an app can allow you to control your aircon even when you are not home. That is something extraordinary. I also have such a feature on my aircon, but unfortunately, my aircon is broken. I contacted an excellent aircon repairing service, and I hope to get it fixed as soon as possible. I thought of buying a new one, but it is more reasonable to repair my old aircon.

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MET Engineering

With best practices that have innovation, a solutioning mindset and expertise as a cornerstone of growth, MET® are the masters of micro-management. Often, it’s the little things that are unseen, such as dust and pests, leaks in pipes, or then the complexities in electricals or temperature for machines that cause big problems. Be it the micro and critical need for machine maintenance or the microbes in the air and environment, taking care of the details in the little things is MET®’s advantage.

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