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I think the key is to get a few books a year and read when u r bored and you will swallow it lol. But most devs look up information on the internet , but the more resources the better.i have found content in books I couldn't find anywhere online. But obviously vice versa.


I’m currently reading “Practical Object-Oriented Design” ( and it’s amazing, even when the examples aren’t in my preferred language.


I understand where you're coming from. It can be very distracting to read about software when you want to implement it on your computer a few meters away.

I get most of my dev reading done while I'm traveling and it's too much effort to get my laptop out!


Yeah I prefer learning by doing as well. Thanks for your thoughts.


I find myself reading online articles rather than books. I used to read books but lately I find it easier to focus without having a 300 page book hanging over my head

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