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Adding SMS alerts for deployments to Octwilio

Song recommendation of the day

Today's song recommendation is an iconic track from one of the best Spider-Man movies.

The plan

In the last post, I set up a cloud function to handle messages to my Twilio number.

The processMessage function parses the message and calls the Octopus API to approve or reject the deployment.

Today, I set up a cloud function for handling deployment events. I also added information to the README on cloning the project and deploying it for your use.

New Firebase config settings

I added new config settings for the phone numbers used for deployment notifications. You can use the same numbers as the approval notification settings or choose new ones.

firebase functions:config:set octwilio.twilio.deployment.from_number="+15555555555"
firebase functions:config:set octwilio.twilio.deployment.to_number="+15555555555"

The deploymentEventRaised function

The deploymentEventRaised function is straightforward. I reused existing functions to create a workflow like the approvalRaised function.

There is an opportunity to make a generic function for handling subscription events that I will look at later.

function convertPayloadToOptions(payload) {
    let options = {
        message: payload.Event.Message,
        toNumber: config.twilio.deployment.to_number,
        fromNumber: config.twilio.deployment.fromNumber

    return options;

exports.deploymentEventRaised = functions.https.onRequest((req, res) => {
    return octopus.authorizeRequest(req, res)
        .then(() => { return res.status(200).send(); });

The Octopus subscription

I set up a new subscription to fire on Deployment failed, Deployment started, and Deployment succeeded events.

I set the subscription to send the event payload to my new function URL.

The Octopus subscription

Testing it out

I created a new release and deployed it. I now get messages when the deployment starts and finishes. I can still approve the deployments with the same number.

Series of messages to and from Twilio


That is it for this stretch of Building Octwilio. I will add any future additions to the series.

Cover photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

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