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Cohorts and customisation

We are building Offen, a fair and lightweight web analytics software that treats operators and users as equal parties. Here's a brief glimpse of our achievements over the last ten weeks.

Customisable consent banner

To make it more convenient for operators to implement Offen in their websites, banners can now be freely adapted via CSS. This is done within some limits to ensure readability and functionality of the banner. Discover your inner artist and adapt the consent banner to the design of your website. Learn more in our Docs.

Explore cohorts

It is now possible for operators to filter the collected usage data based on URL, referrer, UTM parameters and landings as well as exits. In addition, we have added the tag "None" as a fallback for referrer values that are not supplied. Filters can be set and removed by clicking on the corresponding link element.

Engage in dialogue

We aim to bring Open and the idea of fair data transfer closer to an interested audience. To do this, we want to engage in a dialogue with operators, users and activists and are looking for suitable events around the world. We are happy to receive recommendations for relevant lectures and conferences. Got something in mind that we should apply for? Please let us know.

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