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Jelly Fin: Badges? Yes, we have badges.

Hey Jellies!

Ok, we're trying something new here. What do you think about being called a Jelly if you're a user? Corny?

Anyway, I wanted to touch base and let everyone know that we're building up the foundation of Jelly Fin a little at a time. I've added badges to the README to highlight some of the groundwork on getting a build process going.

After talking with my contributors, I think we're settling on going strictly mobile-first then working in a web app in the future. This means that we're planning on using React Native for the front end.

I use an Android and my wife uses iOS. Which means, we will be supporting both platforms from the get-go.

I got TravisCI setup and I have another process that scans our documentation to make sure we have something good in those regards.

I've gotten a LOT of interest in folks wanting to contribute. While we may not be at a place where people can jump in and code, we are accepting opinions. Feel free to create a GitHub issue on feature ideas, help iron out details on existing features, OR if you want to help lay the groundwork, submit a pull request.

Check out the repo and hit us up on Discord.

Don't forget to follow #jellyfin for updates!

Lastly, here's a link to the project on GitHub.

GitHub logo two-jelly-beans / jelly-fin

A simple way to manage your finances with forecasting. We should automate our money, not make it automate us.

Jelly Fin

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Finances are hard. It's one of the first adulting things everyone has to wrestle with. So, let's make it easy and automate it. Over the course of several years, my wife and I have tracked our finances using a forecasting method and had done it all within a spreadsheet. The time came where I wanted to take this concept and make it mobile using serverless architecture and clean design.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


Installing and Running

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Run npm install to cover any dependencies.

Common Issues:

If installation isn't working for you, check the following:

  1. Your version of node (v 8.x.x) & npm(v…

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