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Favorite Book Thread

Watching my friend's vocabulary improve tremendously, after he read 2 books in 3months, have pushed me to want to up my reading game. Suggestions of books I should start reading would be appreciated.

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Jacob Herrington (he/him)

The best book for your career, in my opinion, is How to Win Friends and Influence People.

It sounds cheesy and even manipulative, but it's really about learning to care about other people and resolve conflicts.

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Yess definitely check out How to Win Friends and Influence People! When the book first started gaining popularity, I ignored it because I didn't think of myself as someone who needed to "win friends" or influence others. I read it anyway and to my own surprise, it ended up being one of my most recommended books as it has been very helpful and valuable in improving my people skills.

In addition to that, I enjoyed The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg). If you're looking for a lighter read, I can also recommend Hit Refresh (Satya Nadella) or anything from the Freakonomics series.

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Johnson Ogwuru

Thanks, Pauline for the recommendation

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Johnson Ogwuru

Thanks Jacob, would definitely try it out

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It's a great one am halfway through

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Eddie • Edited

The Cuckoo's Egg - Cliff Stoll
Excellent spy/espionage true story during the early Internet days

The War on Normal People - Andrew Yang
Impact of automation on jobs, society and how we need to adjust our economy to cater to the 21st century

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Johnson Ogwuru

Thanks Ed, they sound interesting, would definitely look at them

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This is my list:

Atomic Habits
By: James Clear

The Man's Guide to Women
By: John Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman

The Lean Startup
By: Eric Ries

Choice Theory
By: William Glasser| M.D.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things
By: Ben Horowitz

By: Heath brothers

The Brain That Changes Itself
By: Norman Doidge

The Compound Effect
By: Darren Hardy

Talk Like Ted
By: Carmine Gallo

By: Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson

Eat, Pray, Love
By: Elizabeth Gilbert

By: Jack Welch

I love them all

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Johnson Ogwuru

Amazing, Thanks Ali. Really appreciate

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Kobe Raypole

As a rails developer, I read “The Rails 5 Way”, at least 3 times.

As a book lover, reading “Notes from Underground” gave me a lot to think about. Bonus it was a REALLY fun read, darkly funny in a lot of ways.

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I have recently read 'Educated' and cannot even start describing how beautiful and motivational this book is:, also if you are interested in the art of negotiation (work, personal life and otherwise), I highly recommend 'Never Split The Difference' These are my two most recent favourites!

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Bhavani Ravi

You should definitely try atomic habits, I loved the book so much that I read the book twice, I ended up expanding my ideas on habit formation. Definitely a must-read. I have compiled what I learned in a blog here

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Johnson Ogwuru

Thanks Ravi. Yeah, it is an amazing book, I just started reading it this week. I would surely check out your article 😊

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The pheonix project is a bit preachy but it's a really great book for any devops dev or manager.