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Masato Ohba
Masato Ohba

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Learning Generative Art; day 3 "Strings" 🎻

(I accidentally updated this article with another content. I retrieved the original content as much as possible... 😢)

Continuation of My first step in learning Generative Art.



I drew an image expressing "strings"; One string is dull, weak, and ephemeral. But once it gathers, it could be string and persistent. We can weave everything with strings.

Maybe Western people have a proverb like "three pillars of stability"? We Japanese say that "three arrows" though.

function setup() {
  createCanvas(600, 400);

function draw() {
  for (var i = 100; i < 400; i++) {
    var r = random(200);
    stroke(color(random(r),random(i),random(i), 60));   
    line(300, r, i, 100)
    line(300, i, i, 100)

    line(i, i, i, 300)
    line(i, i, r, 300)
    line(i, r, i, 300)

    line(500, r + 200, i + 200, i)
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line function just draw a simple line. However, it has infinite possibilities in the generative art world.

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Jess Lee

AH, so cool!