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Amazon 6-Pager

It has been a while since my last article. I have just gotten some new offers and decided to move on with one. Hard decision as I love all my colleagues at the current work place but it is a very rare and challenging position thus the decision was made. Hope all of you are doing great as well :)

Write up a short one to introduce something that came across my desk when I was reading a book "I Saw the Future At Amazon" by JJ Park (I am not sure whether this is the name of the book, as it was originally translated from Korean), called the "6-pager".

Traditionally (or what most of us do), we use Powerpoint presentation to present some business ideas, case studies, with all the point forms being listed in the slides. As the presenter, we then elaborate from the points by speech. For these occasions, some people might end up doing the slides at the very last minutes, and improvise during the presentation. This always ends up with an ineffective meeting as most of the participants do not get the clear picture of the discussion, including the presenter.

In this book, the author introduced how Amazon does this as the presenter will be preparing a 6 pages of "transcript", written properly to describe in depth on the topics to be discussed in the meetings, as if anyone could fully understand without participating in the meeting. When the meeting starts, each of the participants will receive a set of 6-pager, and everyone reads the transcript for 15-30 mins, without anyone making noise. They will jot down the questions that they have, instead of asking the presenter directly like in a PPT presentation which sometimes interrupt the presentation. They might even find the answers in the following pages of the transcript themselves after reading the whole document. When the participants finish reading the 6-pager, the presenter doesn't have to go through all the details again, but proceed to the Q&A session.

Besides, when we finished the PPT presentation, we sent the presentation slides to the participants for their reference. However, the slides only contain the main points, which they don't get the notes from the presenter. With 6-pager, the presenter has to properly prepare and write up the transcript in order to describe everything by words, so that all of the contents could be referred back in the future.

I found this method amazing, did a search up on the internet and saw an amazing article by Jesse Freeman, which gives a complete walkthrough and strategies of applying this 6-pager method. You can check out this article here.

That's it for the sharing today! I have started diving into the development of dApps and Web3 related technologies and I can't wait to share more with you guys when the time comes. I shall try my best to translate them in a beginner-friendly way to you guys and all of my non-technical friends who are interested in blockchain technology. Stay tune!

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