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What learning content do you enjoy most?

It's been a week since I started making some genuine contributions to! I ended up crunching through 19 articles last week, but will likely start slowing down my before/after work write ups as we are heading into the busy period at work.

The best decide what sort of content to create, I am hoping to reach out and find what is the most useful.

When it comes to articles on the platform, what types of articles do you prefer (one or more acceptable)?

  1. Short tips and tricks
  2. A walkthrough of interesting solutions to projects
  3. Longer, fleshed-out articles on a particular topic
  4. A series of short-articles on a topic
  5. A dive into open-source projects and libraries

Is there another type I haven't mentioned above that you would also enjoy?

As for how you best consume content, which is your preferred medium?

  1. Articles
  2. Videos
  3. Podcasts

Everyone at work tells me I could have been an Australian voice actor in another life, so would be happy to start putting my voice to work if others people prefer the videos and/or podcasts!

Is there an area of interest you would like to learn more about?

  1. Frontend web development
  2. Mobile development
  3. Building APIs
  4. Exploring databases
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Fun IoT projects around the house

Any other thoughts or suggestions appreciated! Would be very keen to start making content tailored to others.

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bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

I love short videos and nicely formated blog posts/tutorials.