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Okiki Ojo
Okiki Ojo

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Major updates for v0.0.3

I released major updates for, they include

  • add copy, wrap, format & reset btns
  • add PWA screenshots & sharing to PWA
  • detect offline/online mode
  • faster preloading & prefetching
  • prefetch workers
  • preload monaco.min.js for faster perf
  • and more....

You can read more about on the Github repo,

GitHub logo okikio / bundlejs

An online tool to quickly bundle & minify your projects, while viewing the compressed gzip/brotli bundle size, all running locally on your browser.


✨ WOOOOOOH!! ✨ The bundlejs api is now out at and/or, bundle your code and get a badge.

Check out the announcement tweet

I see a badge, you see a badge, we all see badges!!!

spring-easing's badge

To create a badge just replace the domain domain with and add /?badge, yeah, that simple

bundle - An online npm package bundle size checker | Product Hunt Open In Gitpod

A small online tool for checking the minified gzip/brotli size of npm packages.

I used monaco-editor for the code-editor, esbuild as bundler and treeshaker respectively, denoflate as a wasm port of gzip, deno_brotli as a wasm port of brotli, deno_lz4 as a wasm port of lz4, bytes to convert the compressed size to human readable values, esbuild-visualizer to visualize and analyze your esbuild bundle to see which modules are taking up space and, umami for private, publicly available analytics and general usage stats all without cookies.

This project was greatly influenced by…

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