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My coding path in year 2020 - reflection

This blog post is not really tech related and it surely is different from other posts I have written. But it would be as interesting as other posts, trust me :)

Year 2020 is about to end and now is a good time to summarise everything:

  • to remember your 2020 resolutions;
  • to analyse what you have accomplished, achieved, not achieved, still in process etc,;
  • to cross out old goals and make new ones;
  • to figure out your next steps
  • to learn from your mistakes
  • to celebrate your small and big wins

For me, 2020 year was wonderful. Even though this year of Corona is difficult for the mankind, for me it was a year of interesting study and continuous improvement on personal and professional level.

Before 2020 I had some knowledge of programming - I graduated from Coding Academy as .NET Developer (if you want to know about my previous experience in tech, you're most welcome to read about here :)

Precisely in January 2020 I have decided to give coding second chance and try web development. Why web development? Simply because Im a visual person and I like to see the results of my work right away on the screen :) I started with assignments on Khan Academy and finished a few courses.

In February 2020 I decided to take a 100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter and that was the best decision for my career change. I learned so much during lockdowns and still learning.

I wrote down my whole learning path here by documenting every day of my study. I spent no less than 1 hour a day for coding (sometimes it was 2 hours) and soon coding became my habit.

My Goals

My goals for 2020 were:

  • to get more coding practice and learn new things
  • to improve my discipline and set myself up for success
  • to build coding habit
  • to create a strong portfolio
  • to maintain healthy way of life

I achieved ALL of them. I organised them in 3 categories:

  1. Targets
  2. Goals
  3. Tasks

Targets were what I want to achieve, like Participate in 100daysOfCode.

Goals were what I need to do to achieve a target, like Aim to code 1 hour a day.

Tasks were very small steps I need to do to achieve a goal, like Build a Survey Form from freeCodeCamp.

For completing of each task or goal or target I set up rewards for myself :) It could be a small reward like a chocolate or a big one like dinner at restaurant or new gadget. For me this system worked like a charm and you can read below what I have achieved.

My achievements

NOTE: I will repeat once again that I have spent only 1 hour a day for coding.


  1. Responsive Web Design Certificate from freeCodeCamp + 5 web pages made during study
  2. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certificate from freeCodeCamp + 20 solved challenges during the study
  3. WordPress Portfolio with my experience, projects, CV and blogs
  4. GitHub repositories - 16 (I had 2 before I started my journey)
  5. FrontEnd Mentor challenges - 4 webpages
  6. Webpages to practice CSS - 4 webpages
  7. Intro to React library and projects based on tutorials and my own ideas:
  • Author Quiz
  • ToDo app
  • Pet Doctor
  • Shopping Cart
  • Random Quote Machine
  • Test Report
  • Build-O-Pizza (in progress) All of these projects you can find on my GitHub page.

8.CSS libraries - Bootstrap, SASS, Tailwind


  1. 100 Days of code and me - first blog on my Portfolio page
  2. 18 posts on blogging platform + 3 badges
  3. 12 posts on blogging platform - mainly reposting


  1. Started with gym and exercised no less than 2 times a week for 9 month (from September we have moved to Berlin and 2nd lockdown started )
  2. Lost 9 kilo - combined result from fitness, healthy nutrition, sleep and walks

As you read, for me this year was a blast! I hope next year would be as productive as 2020 :) And Im looking forward to read about your 2020 reflection!

Thank you for reading my blog. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter :)

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