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Journey to the Matrix (5 Part Series)

1) Self-teach => Bootcamp => Pro /Oliver's journey/ 2) 1 month deep into boot camp + capstone project 3) Sinatra MVC boot camp project 4) Alpha Shoes / Flatiron Bootcamp project mod3 5) Flatiron's mod4

Hello, devs!

Today marks the day when I start my last module at Flatiron's software engineering immersive full-time coding boot camp.

Module 4 covered the fundamentals and core concepts of JavaScript, developing RoR API, client-server communication.

For this mod, I have actually built multiple projects, to get a deep understanding of vanilla JavaScript.

1, trackMyFinance

I have built a personal finance/bill tracking, mobile-focused application using D3.js.

2, You(r)Lister

This project uses Youtube's API to search and render videos from YouTube. The user is able to create and modify playlists, add/delete videos from them.

The last module will cover React/Redux with Rails API. I'm very excited about this section and graduating very soon.



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Can't believe you're all in the final month, it's gone so quickly.