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How To Make Your iOS Mobile App iOS 13 Compatible?

Olivia Smith
Software Engineer
・2 min read

Apple just released iOS 13, the latest operating system loaded with a whole lot of new features and value additions. From a new Dark Mode to the Find My App to refurbished photo app to several new privacy features, the new iOS 13 offered a lot more than any previous iOS updates in recent years. Naturally, it instantly grabbed the attention of iOS developers and Apple users.

Both iPhone app development services and users are now looking forward to using iOS 13 on their old device and with their old apps. This is precisely why we are here to explain how app developers can make their iOS apps compatible with the latest iOS 13.

Basic Compatibility Check for ‌iOS 13‌

Let’s start with the device. iOS 13 is only compatible with iPhone 6S or later versions. iPhone SE and iPod Touch Seventh Generation are also among the compatible devices for this latest iOS update.

-> Device Storage Space

Among the key improvements brought by iOS 13‌, Better utilization of device storage through a smaller app footprint is a crucial one. Apple this time made the packaging of the apps in the App Store better to ensure apps downloaded are at least 50% smaller in size compared to their earlier versions. To get these benefits users first of all need to create enough storage space to install iOS 13. This requires a complete evaluation of the apps that you really need and the apps that you can actually delete to create space.

With that in mind, it’s worth looking at what apps you currently have installed on your devices and whether you really need them. Swipe through your home screen and check inside your folders to root out any long-forgotten apps that are taking up precious storage space. Apart from this, create space by utilizing iCloud storage for all your high-resolution images and video files. Read more..

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