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Onyebueke Emmanuel
Onyebueke Emmanuel

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#Its cool to always receive, also Contribute

So today i started to think about what makes an excellent developer, why are developers so different, why are some really appreciated and some are not even known, after contemplating, i discovered that the saying givers never lack was never a lie.

I started to think again within myself, i am not good enough to give anything yet but then that saying popped into my head again, after analyzing personally how many articles, courses on YouTube i have watched for free all because of some developers love for the community, i felt guilty, i checked my profile i had no post, but have read over 100 articles, i answered only few questions on stack overflow but always use it.i really felt bad, i then made a decision today to start giving back, i may not be a good writer, a great coder but i am going to give all i have to the community back.

i write this to you out there, who might be like me who doesn't contribute in anyway because we feel we have nothing to offer or feel inferior, i like you analyze where you would have been if not for others selflessness. Thank you

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