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Oles Maiboroda
Oles Maiboroda

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During PR review - do you check in into the branch?

Have found a very fundamental post on Code review where Authour states that it is needed to check the functionality of PR.

Usability Test
Confirm if the PR achieves its goal, visually and functionally.

I have thought about this idea, but actually never tried, mostly because of time.
Do some of you follow it, what's your perspective?

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Dor Shinar

To be honest no - I've never done that, nor have I seen someone do that. It would definitely increase PR level (and possible bugs and/or missing specs), but usually I trust the developer to validate what he wrote with whomever is in charge of the product, allowing the PR to focus on code quality, rather than product quality.

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Alejandro Di Leo • Edited

Most of the time.

I think checking out the branch in local and testing if the feature works should be applied for every PR that either fixes a bug, introduces a new feature or is a refactor. It's not that I don't trust my coworkers but I think all humans are fallible and are allowed to miss some things.

What I don't trust is my ability to statically check all possible changes that the code will introduce just by looking at the PR diff.

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rhymes • Edited

Sometimes, if the PR is big or contains big UI changes or if I just feel like it. I'm not following any strict rules on that.

I use hub pr checkout command and then test it.