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Jordan M. Adler for OneSignal

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Developer Relations @ OneSignal

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The OneSignal podcast aims to help companies build meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers. Episode 24 welcomes Jordan Adler, SDK & Developer Relations Leader at OneSignal, to discuss his career path, which has included building developer communities at Google, and how he sees the OneSignal DevRel team evolving.

Please listen to the podcast to hear more of Jordan's insights, and you can follow OneSignal Developer Relations on Twitter @OneSignalDevs.

You can subscribe to the OneSignal Podcast at your preferred podcast directory: Spotify, Apple, Google, TuneIn, among many others.

OneSignal is the most widely used customer messaging and engagement solution, helping over a million businesses deliver over 8 billion messages to their customers each day .

Sign up for free today to use OneSignal to grow and retain your customer base.

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