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Submission: GoNotify: WhatsApp messages as a Service

What I built

GoNotify is a service that can be used to send notifications to yourself in the form of WhatsApp messages. For example, you can use this to send yourself notifications if a build fails in the CI, etc. This service extracts out the logic behind maintaining various contacts, managing them into groups, and sending them messages. GoNotify provides you with a simple WebUI and API to manage the phone numbers and groups, and send them notifications.

Category Submission: Engaging Engagements

GoNotify can easily be leveraged by a business to send notifications to its customers and employees without much hassle.

Demo Link

A demo is hosted on

Important Note: To be able to receive messages over WhatsApp using, you would need to join the Twilio WhatsApp sandbox first.

You can join the sandbox easily by using this link

Sandbox QR
Or by scanning this QR code on your phone.

Link to Code

The code is hosted on my GitHub profile.

GitHub logo onprem / gonotify

A web service that lets you send yourself WhatsApp messages serving as notifications

How I built it

I started learning Go recently and this seemed like an ideal opportunity to gain some good experience with the language. It was pretty challenging and fun. I used Gin as it seemed like a mature web framework to me. The front-end was built using ReactJS as I am quite familiar with it.

Some Screenshots



Additional Resources/Info

Additional details can be found in this Project's README

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